Elon Musk and World Politics: Cooperativeists, Appeasementists or Just Luxury


Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, He has no shame in giving his opinion on any subject. Whether it’s investing in cryptocurrencies, free speech, or some of the most important geopolitical issues today, it doesn’t matter. his reflections China-Taiwan tensions and Ukraine war spark latest controversy

Working with certain regimes, de-escalating tensions or just being a lavish billionaire, the Tesla founder’s remarks left no one indifferent. usually, Pour your comments on your Twitter account, It has over 108 million followers.

In a tweet, mocked the SEC (SEC, acronym) – the regulator of the U.S. market – claims to have secured the necessary funds Delist Tesla – the question of him having to resign from the presidency – and Increase your investment in Dogecoin, A cryptocurrency that was born as a joke on the internet.

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Born and raised in a wealthy family in South Africa, Musk has managed to amass a nearly $220 billion fortuneAccording to the magazine Forbes. His first big idea was to merge the payments business online He co-founded another company. That’s how PayPal was born.

He sold the company to eBay shortly after its founding, and used the money from the deal to invest in Tesla and create his space travel company, SpaceX.


From that position, in just a week, the billionaire has come up with his own solutions to some of the world’s most complex geopolitical problems.The last topic Musk discussed was Conflict between Taiwan and China.

He suggested resolving tensions between the two countries”would be to find a reasonably desirable special administrative region for TaiwanAlthough “it may not please everyone”, he believes such a deal “is possible” and even a “looser than Hong Kong,” he said in an interview published on Friday. Financial Times.

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This Origin of conflict It lies in China’s claim to Taiwan, which has had an independent government since 1949, as opposed to Hong Kong and Macau, which Beijing considers special administrative regions.

Taipei Strongly opposed to the sovereignty claims of the Asian giants, Beijing considers the island part of its territory and does not rule out the use of force give her to him control.

“Musk needs to find a clear-headed political advisor,” Reported to the agency Reuters A senior Taiwanese official involved in security planning for the region.

Wang Tingyu, a member of the now-ruling Taiwanese Democratic Progressive Party and a member of the Congressional Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee, criticized Musk on his Facebook profile.


Why ignore the democratic freedom, sovereignty and way of life of the 23 million Taiwanese if “private companies don’t joke about their property? Ukraine cannot accept it, and of course Taiwan will not allow it.“he wrote on the social network.

refers to Ukraine The investigation, which Musk tweeted last Monday, in Shares his thoughts on how to end the war.

In the vote, Musk gave four ideas. first, Repeat referendums in affiliated areas, But this time under the supervision of the United Nations (UN). Second, “Crimea has been an official part of Russia since 1783 (until Khrushchev erred).”

He also pointed to the need to ensure Crimea’s water supply and that Ukraine must remain neutral in the face of all these changes. According to Musk, this is likely to be the end result of the conflict,”It’s just a matter of how many people died before it happened. “. Users of the social network must vote for or against these premises.

“It is also worth noting that One possible outcome of this conflict, although unlikely, is a nuclear war”, added the billionaire, who also defended that if anyone cares about Ukraine, they should seek peace, as the country is unlikely to win an “all-out war.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky react to committee proposals The Tesla CEO also went through a Twitter poll where he asked: Which Elon Musk do you prefer?“.”Onehe who supports Ukraine” anyoneOnewhat support Russia” are two possible answers.

Russian-Ukrainian War



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