Elma Aveiro: the family bomb about to explode at Cristiano Ronaldo’s worst moment


The week has started hectic. From the sports press to the gossip press, nothing else is talked about. The interview granted by Cristiano Ronaldo to Piers Morgan has raised blisters in Manchester United and the consequences are yet to be defined. However, one thing seems clear: the days of CR7 and his family on British soil seem to have their days numbered. It is in Portugal where the player He has been preparing his golden retirement for some time with the construction of a futuristic mansion and it is in his land where he finds the strength to move forward. Returning “home” gives him peace or at least that’s what he thought until now. In the neighboring country, she still reads another interview given last week by her older sister, Elma Aveiro, where she opened her heart and where Georgina Rodríguez did not finish well.

Cristiano Ronaldo during his interview / Social Networks

Elma is not lavish in television environments. A woman of arms, she has always been clear that her brother is the star of the saga and she has never wanted to throw a media party about it. However, just a few days ago, the Madeiran sat down for the first time on a television set to give Manuel Luís Goucha, the king of Portuguese television, her first major life interview. Recorded more than 20 days ago, in the days prior to its broadcast, the TVI network primed part of its content that served to whet the viewer’s mouth and curiosity. In the bait the presenter was seen asking “the sister” about Georgina Rodríguez: “Do you like Georgina?” A bewildered Elma let out a laugh and prepared to answer.

Elma Aveiro with Cristiano Ronaldo / Gtres
Elma Aveiro with Cristiano Ronaldo / Gtres

A country outraged by a record audience interview

It was then last Tuesday when the interview saw the light in its entirety. The Portuguese had the opportunity to meet the real Elma, beyond the elongated figure of her brother. Strong woman, she opened the channel to talk about the death of her father, depression, the pressure of fame and the recurring accusation of living at the expense of the “family golden goose”. Her image was widely reinforced, but there was one detail that infuriated thousands of viewers, more than 600 thousand – a record in the program -: no trace of the question about Gio, and of course, neither of his answer. The chain had decided not to broadcast that section and the outrage was immediate. Written press, threads on instagram and the program ‘Manhã CM’ – Portugal’s star social chronicle program – spent a whole week questioning what happened: misconduct by the network or pressure from the Aveiro family? The question remains unanswered, but there are many commentators in the country who believe that this moment was removed from the final production due to pressure from the family.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Dolores Aveiro posing
Cristiano Ronaldo and Dolores Aveiro posing / Gtres

Gio, once again in the spotlight

And there is no peace for Georgina. Her disagreements with Cristiano’s family have been notorious in recent years. Without going any further, it was Elma herself who just a few months ago chose Merche Romero, the beautiful Portuguese presenter, her brother’s ex-girlfriend, as the godmother of her event, making Jaca’s nth ugly. The fact that the piece of the interview where Elma talked about her sister-in-law has not finally been broadcast only makes a new family front rise right at the footballer’s worst sporting moment. Tired of speculation, the eldest daughter of Dolores Aveiro He broke his silence on social media: “Everyone is worried about whether I like Gio. I love everyone, even those who don’t love me.” said. If she intended to bury the hatchet, this answer raises even more questions. At another point she added: “It was an interview to talk about my life and my family.” It becomes clear that Georgina is not included. There are no further questions, Your Honor.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodríguez with their children / Instagram
Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodríguez with their children / Instagram

Whether he likes his sister-in-law or not, judging by the interview given by his brother just a week later where he has burned all the bridges that linked him to Manchester, it is clear that the clan is not good at talking. If we already had inflation, give an Aveiro a microphone and you’ll see how the bread rises. And all at the gates of a World Cup. And all when Ronaldo’s future is still undecided. And all when everything points to you Portugal it is the next stop for the player. If what Cristiano is looking for in his country is peace, then he will have to start with his own family. Seeing the percale, it is better to look for a mediator.


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