Ellen Barkin calls Johnny Depp domineering and jealous


BUT actress pre-recorded testimony Ellen Barkin since November 2019, has been played in a jury trial on Thursday.

Johnny Depp and Barkin became friends in 1990, and in 1994 they had a sexual relationship of three to six months.

“After I moved to Hollywood, I switched buttons,” she said of the change. “The friendship has gone from purely platonic to romantic.”

Depp, according to Barkin, always drank or smoked a joint. He also experimented with hallucinogens and cocaine. She also said that Depp referred to his assistant as a “pig” at the time.

Short and stormy relationship

Ellen Barkin, nicknamed ex-Johnny Depp “controlling” and “jealous” in her pre-recorded testimony played for the jury.

She claimed that their friendship became sexual sometime in the 1990s. According to her, Depp ended their relationship when she left him on a two-day trip to Los Angeles.

“He didn’t want me to leave,” Barkin said in an 11-minute videotaped testimony. “After that, I never heard from him again.”

The lawyer asked Barkin what he told her that showed possessiveness. “He’s just a jealous man, controlling,” she said.

“Where are you going? Who are you going with? What did you do last night?” Once I had a scratch on my back, which made him very angry, very angry, because he insisted that it was because I had sex with a person who was not him, ”the actress continued.

Depp and Barkin starred in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas when they dated back in 1998. Amber Heard the lawyer asked.

“Mr. Depp threw a bottle of wine across a Las Vegas hotel room while we were filming,” she said. “There was a fight…between Johnny Depp and his roommate, an assistant. To be honest, I don’t remember.” According to her, he threw a bottle at her, and she hit the wall.


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