Elisabeth de los Belgas became a role model for the new royal family at the age of 20


Elisabeth de los Belgas embarked on her ten-year journey away from home. Just a few days ago, the royal family released the first photo of the heiress on the new stage in Britain.The eldest daughter of King Felipe and King Mathilde has started her university studies History and Politics at Lincoln College, Oxford University, Although this is not the first time he has left home to study.

She is the first of the new generation of royal family members to leave home to study International Baccalaureate In the UK, it is in the same school that Princess Eleanor and Alexia of the Netherlands are currently attending, the Welsh Atlantic College.

Elizabeth and her parents/Gtres

But Elizabeth created more problems, making her a role model for the royal family of her generation. Elizabeth is one of the most prepared princesses of her time: He is fluent in English, French, German and Flemish, and has completed his military training at the Royal Academy of Brussels. In this regard, he has an advantage over his contemporaries and has opened up the way for them.

Her role in the evolution of the Belgian monarchy is also particularly important, because by then she will become the first queen of Belgium. Moreover, before he was born, only men could inherit the throne.Situations he does not share with Princess Eleanor or other members of the royal family, such as Ingrid from Norway or Amalia from the Netherlands.

Elizabeth/Gtres from Belgium
Elizabeth in her military training/Gtres

relatively Amalia from NetherlandsFor example, Elisabeth does not want to take a vacation after completing her studies, but prefers to start her military training. For her, the military training time is shorter than usual.

In terms of style, Elizabeth has become one of the most elegant royals of her generation.As the mother and grandmother’s heir, the princess can boast of her peaceful and discreet beauty, highlighting her Edward Fomeren Even the costume comes from Index group.

During her studies, Elisabeth did not have her own agenda, nor did she receive formal assignments for her work, despite her participation in many institutional commitments during these two decades. It is expected that when he completes his studies within three years, he will eventually be included in the royal agenda and will play a full active role, although he may delay the decision to study a certain type of graduate degree. Actually, Official sources confirmed that at this stage in Oxford, she will return to Belgium on a regular basis and continue to participate in public life in the country.

Elizabeth is one of the royal family members with the most institutional presence since childhood. At the age of nine, she delivered her first speech at the inauguration of a children’s hospital in Ghent, especially during the pandemic, where she has been actively involved in solidarity and advocacy issues. Support those in need.

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