Elia Rodriguez, posthumously awarded in Las Ventas for his defense of bullfighting.


That Monument to Las Ventas dressed to present posters San Isidro Fair 2022 with the presence of numerous personalities from the world of bullfighting, politics, journalism and culture. At this ceremony, prizes were awarded to the company that manages Las Ventas, Square 1recognizes the winners of last season.

Among the winners is our memorable colleague Elijah Rodriguezdeceased in September 2021, posthumously awarded Woman and bullfight for his career and for defending the values ​​of bullfighting and journalism from microphones EsRadio.

This is not the only recognition that the Segovian journalist who ran the bullfighting program at home for 10 years has received. these are bulls. In the same week, the Spanish Radio Academy will posthumously award him a prize. National Radio Award at the ceremony to be held March 17 at La Nave Auditorium in Madrid.

His father Anthony Rodriguez and his brother Louis took the award from the hands Federico Jimenez Losantos. His brother said that “Elia carried Spain in his heart” and that “from a very young age he defended the world of bullfighting through the media and all the professionals that come from it.”

He also said that “bullfighting is something that belongs to us, it is alive”. Elia’s brother said the family was “very proud of his professional work and the recognition he received” after his death. He expressed “thank you” for “preserving the memory of him” and assured that “from September 7, 2021, all bullfighters they have an angel who protects them“.

Ayuso, Morante and other winners

In addition to Elia, the Honorary Award was presented to the President of the Community of Madrid, Isabelle Diaz Ayusofor his unwavering commitment to the bull sector, especially during the pandemic. During these years, the UAM refused all kinds of assistance to livestock farms and to celebrate celebrations.

Another winner was Moorish from La Puebla. The Seville right-hander has been recognized as the figure of the 2021 season for his leadership of the bullfighting ranks for the first time in 25 years as a bullfighter, his triumphs in all bullfighting arenas and fighting different encasts and herds.

In terms of livestock, Salamanca won the livestock prize last season. Garcigrande. His rancher Justo Hernandez received this award, which recognizes the state of grace of this herd, one of bullfighting favorites.

The Solidarity and Democracy Prize was also awarded for Jose Thomas Foundation. In 2020, this foundation turned ten years old, helping the most disadvantaged and leaving its mark outside the world of bullfighting. This recognition was planned to be made two years ago, but the pandemic prevented this.


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