‘El Hormiguero’ receives today a friend of Nuria Roca as a guest


the anthill continues to receive great artists like guests from November 21 to 24, 2022. After the interview with actor David Verdaguer, Paul Motorcycles will discuss with one of the most representative artists of Spanish indie and who is a close friend of Nuria Roca.

Ana Fernández Villaverde, better known artistically as La Bien Querida, returns as a guest of the anthill to talk about his new album, titled Paprika. His followers have been able to enjoy his new songs since November 18, in a short story in which the artist mixes pop with Caribbean and Latin sounds.

The singer La bien querida presents her new album at ‘El Hormiguero’

It will be the second visit to the program of the great friend of Nuria Roca, a friendship that few knew and it came up in his interview. Although it was not revealed, they confessed to being close friends for years, which Juan del Val confirmed with great humor.

During the previous visit, the collaborator and the guest of El Hormiguero finished confess to one of the worst nights of debauchery and booze they’ve had together. They returned to a day when the plan was to sunbathe at Nuria’s house, but the day was very different.

Anita, as she calls the singer, He showed up to the meeting with a big shipment of beers and winewhich prohibited them from walking on the terrace at any time: “We spend the whole day in the kitchen without moving from there.”

After confessing to drinking “24 beers and three bottles of wine”, they made the whole audience laugh by saying it wasn’t free. “I went to bed crawling”, admitted Nuria Rocawhich she did when La bien querida had to ask a friend to take her home because she couldn’t drive.

In this first interview the anthillthe singer explained the origin of her original name: “I liked this name because I was looking for a popular name, there was a mexican movie the unloved Yes I thought I wanted the opposite, that they liked me“.


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