El Español exclusively publishes an interview with the current anti-Taliban leader Ahmed Masood


Spanish Released on Monday, August 23 12:00 hours A sort of Exclusive interview with Ahmed Masood, Son of Legendary Commander Ahmed Shah MasoodAnd follow his father’s leadership mission Resistance to the Taliban.

To be quarantined so as not to be discovered by the Taliban, Bernard-Henry Levy Has managed to talk to Ahmed Masood from his hiding place. The message it sends is clear: He doesn’t give up And will continue to fight for the freedom of the Afghan people.

“I am the son of Ahmed Shah Masood. surrender This is a word that is not in my dictionary”, affirmed in the statement with this newspaper.

Although Ahmed Masood confirmed Talked to the Taliban, He insisted that “talking can be discussed” and “surrendering is another matter.” Neither he nor his commander considered this. “This is completely ruled out. My father will not accept that I give up,” he warned.

There are several voices that Masood I can put down my arms Something he also categorically denied and crossed it out as “publicity”. He issued a warning to the Taliban: “In Panshir, our resistance has just begun.” More and more Afghans have joined his call to form a new guerrilla unit against the Taliban regime. The number of new combatants is “thousands”, some of whom are members of special forces.

Finally, Ahmed Masood Seek international help So that the fight with the Taliban after taking control of Afghanistan is feasible and as soon as possible.


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