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On Monday, Sophie Boissard, owner of the Korian Nursing Home Group, defended private nursing homes, asking the state to provide financial efforts and set standards for monitoring agencies in an interview with Les Echos.

“Our system is inseparable from nursing homes,” said Korian’s general manager, whose title fell last week in the stock market after Orpea, he mentioned in a book.

“It would be disastrous if we threw the baby out with the bathwater after Victor Castanet’s book (“Les Fossoyeurs”, editor’s note) was published,” says Me Boissard, which “targets company-specific systems” ” “, this cannot be extrapolated to all others.

She estimates the sector lacks public funding, and in Korian’s case an average of 60 euros per patient per day for care and support. For Me Boissard, this is “actually insufficient for a highly dependent need”, comparing the Netherlands’ 200-euro endowment.

Korian’s boss also noted that “there is a lack of enforceable and controlled quality standards across the industry”, arguing that “public authorities must define these standards”.

She continued that high-quality references would be “quasi-finalized” by the senior health authority, citing two barriers, involving public and association bodies on the one hand, and those responsible for disability on the other.

Korian’s general manager also “solemnly” asked “Cash Inquiry” host Élise Lucet to communicate “in the interest of families and residents” about the disclosures promised in the magazine’s ongoing investigation into nursing homes.

The editor-in-chief of Cash Inquiry was interviewed by Kerian management to discuss the issues, but declined the group’s request for a “live broadcast”.

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