Egypt captures Islamist rival after plane crashes in Luxor


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An Egyptian refugee in Sudan, Hossam Menoufi intends to travel from Khartoum to Istanbul, where he no longer feels safe. But the 29-year-old Islamist opponent never made it to Turkey. His plane had to make an emergency landing in Luxor, where Egyptian authorities wanted the young man for facts in connection with the deadly attack, where he was arrested.At this stage, it’s hard to tell if he’s a victim A string of bad luck, or its capture, was the result of security coordination between Khartoum and Cairo, which have grown closer since a military coup in Sudan in the fall of 2021.

On Wednesday, 19 January, a week after his arrest, Hossam Menoufy’s entourage was still unable to determine the location of his detention. Egypt’s interior ministry acknowledged this on January 15, but did not specify the circumstances. Pro-government media and supporters of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi outbid the claim: the man has been described as the brain of the Hasm clique, even its founder. The movement, classified as terrorists in Cairo, involved various attacks on police, government officials and judges.

Sentenced to life imprisonment in 2020

“Hasm was born around 2014-2015 under the most secrecy. The group was never an armed faction of the Muslim Brotherhood [interdits en Egypte], but it could include people from the Muslim Brotherhood who responded violently to supporters of violence”, said political scientist Stéphane Lacroix, professor at Sciences Po. Authorities specifically blame Hasm for the August 2019 attack in front of a Cairo hospital that killed 20 people. Egyptian city.

Hossam Menoufy has fled his home country for at least five years and settled in Khartoum. He was a former engineering student and a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Islamic movement has been ruthlessly suppressed since President Mohamed Morsi was overthrown by the army in 2013.

Juvenile Sentenced absent In 2020, he was sentenced to life in prison for his alleged involvement in the attempted assassination of a high-ranking judicial official after a mass trial in a military court. Human rights defenders denounced the torture and enforced disappearance of the accused, as well as the unfairness of the proceedings. He could face a new trial.

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