Eduardo Verástegui: The scandal of Ricky Martin behind Tamara Falcó’s celibate friend

Eduardo Verastgui. An old name, especially across the pond, but has been associated with Spain in recent days.The reason is nothing but his coincidence Tamara Falco At the World Congress of Families in Mexico last weekend. The two share time and space, and some Aztec media have pointed out that this is a new hallucination after the Marchioness split from Íñigo Onieva. They argue that they share the same values ​​and have a certain affinity as friends of Genoveva Casanova, but that’s not the case.

Verástegui belongs to the movement Viva Mexico, committed to uniting and strengthening the efforts of civil society (individuals and organizations) to support fundamental human rights in order to achieve harmony for all citizens within the national territory. Beyond that, he has his own story to tell.Let’s start by saying why He is 48 years old and has been abstinent for 17 years. until you find your ideal marriage partner. These statements to the media in his country are a good example of what he thinks: Well, as a Catholic, it is very important to accept my faith, the teachings of my church. One of those teachings is the virtue of chastity that I embrace every day. Chastity is a virtue, it is the doctrine of God, it acknowledges that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, it acknowledges that love is useless if it is not eternal ».

Eduardo Verástegui started out as a successful soap opera actor such as a light on the road, dreamer, rebellious soul Yes three women. Now he’s a celibate, but during his time of fame as an interpreter, his paycheck was very busy. His most famous romance occurred in 1998, Alasley Alambraknown to have been Luis Miguel. The two meet in the aforementioned novel dreamer, But their love didn’t develop to the point where she ended up hating him. what is the reason?

Eduardo Verástegui / Gtres

This is where the picture is Ricky Martin. It was several Mexican media that published that he was Maria He lured Eduardo to sever their Arambula ties and threw himself into the arms of Puerto Ricans.” rel=”nofollow

Journalist Ana María Alvarado details the love triangle: “One day we were at a concert in Ricky with Fabián Lavalle, Aracely Arámbula and me. Then she said: “You see the guy singing there took away from me”, namely Eduardo Villastegui». He went a step further to ensure that they lived together for a while. More hyperbolic theories suggest that he may be the father of the singer’s child. However, Eduardo Verástegui denies everything, and today he trusts only traveling companions.