Ed Sheeran before becoming a father: I could drink two bottles of wine on a slow day


Britual singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran told how much wine he drank on a typical day in the past, before the birth of his daughter.

The famous artist explained that he had changed his habits and decided to quit smoking, and now he prefers to drink just a few sips of wine.

“I love wine and I love beer, but I quit tobacco,” Sheeran said on the air of the Spanish TV show “El Jormiguero”.

“When I became a father, I had no intention of being healthier, but since my daughter got up at any time of the night, I had to quit drinking in order to be spicy.

“And when I woke up early, I took her to the gym, and I worked out while she played with her toys. Then it made me start drinking more water and I started to feel better, and people told me that I was prettier and younger.

“On a slow day, I could drink two bottles of wine.

“Now I like half a bottle of wine, because when you finish it, everything is fine. Well, you can open another one, but it doesn’t look like a whole bottle that you always finish. “

Ed Sheeran doesn’t have a cell phone

Sheeran also said that he had not had a mobile phone for the last six years, which helped him to communicate with people.

“I have a tablet and email on a tablet, but I don’t have a mobile phone,” added Sheeran

“Not having a cell phone is the best way to communicate with people.

“I think I will need to have one when my daughter grows up so that she can contact me. But I tell people that there are people in this sector that I work in who are constantly connected.

“My conversation, since I do not have a mobile phone, it is more real, because I am catching up with the person I am talking to, and if you communicate all the time, you have nothing to talk about.”

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