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Dying Stranding 2 has been revealed by Kojima Productions in an unimaginable trailer that gives a cinematic look at what gamers can expect from the upcoming title. This announcement comes at The Sport Awards, where an earlier recreation within the Dying Stranding collection previously won Greatest Path.

The trailer was soon greeted by a series of remarks from developer Hideo Kojima, who in typical fashion didn’t reveal anything about Dying Stranding 2. Nevertheless, the story seems much less predictable for the isolated group that eventually extended from the gaming world of the unique Dying Stranding and a few months later to the exact world.

Watchers were shown a small scene of Lea Seydoux Fragile hugging a toddler in the trailer, before a quiet second erupts into an action-packed chase over a desolate wasteland. Fragile is joined by Norman Reedus’ Sam Porter Bridges after some odd visuals, consistent with the hideous tentacles crawling on the previous BB case. Apparently, Sam has long gray hair in Dying Stranding 2, and Fragile isn’t broken by her time travel right now.

After the launch trailer, Hideo Kojima took a peek at the debate surrounding the development of Dying Stranding 2, and especially the strategy of writing a brand new story.


According to Kojima, the story already started with the release of the unique Dying Stranding, however, the developer rejected it and reworked it after the isolation from the COVID pandemic caused the release of this game. In addition to this tidbit, Kojima advises fans to take a look at the recently launched trailer to start putting together what the next game in the collection has at retail.

Given the history of the unique Dying Stranding, apart from the hazy and foggy period leading up to its release, it seems unlikely that what has been seen so far is all there is to see. Likewise, the introduction of Dying Stranding 2 doesn’t fundamentally end fans’ hypothesis of a suspected overdose by Kojima Productions, as Kojima said the developer is currently involved in multiple assignments. So far, this trailer has given followers a lot to consider, from the return of Troy Baker’s Higgs to revealing the latest know-how not seen in the authentic title.

Dying Stranding 2 is in development for PlayStation 5.

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