Durant hits back after social media abuse: Love will kill you


Kevin Duran subjected to abuse from social media users after his former side, Golden State Warriorswon the NBA championship.

The NBA star has won two rings with the Warriors in the past, and while many fans remember his time fondly, others chose to look at things from a negative perspective, arguing that his legacy ended after the current team’s success.

After three successful years from 2016 to 2019, Duran left for Brooklyn Nets it seemed that the golden days of the Warriors were over, which some fans have not forgotten.

“What’s it like when you’re not loved by any of the fans of the team you won back-to-back titles with because you couldn’t resist tarnishing everyone in the organization when the opportunity presented itself?” wrote one fan to Durant.

Wasting no time in replying, Duran responded with a cryptic message.

Love will kill you,” I replied.

Duran was pleased with his former team’s success, even congratulating them on their recent glory, although he wasn’t lenient on the insults he received, and rightly so.


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