Dulceda, in one of the worst moments in her life: “I am my worst enemy”


Sometimes, social media makes life sweet. Not everything reflected in it is consistent with reality. Even the biggest influencers may fall to the bottom.And this is exactly what happened DulcedaThe Catalan lived one of the most complicated summers of her life on an emotional level. His grandmother’s recent death also joined his sentimental breakup.

Two blows eventually destroyed the spirit of the video blogger and triggered her to make the most painful decision: Leave the social networkAt the very least, put aside your activities for a while until your sanity is healed. A very difficult determination, because thanks to them, he has become great in the past 12 years.

Through a video of her dancing on the beach under an idyllic sunset, Dulceda communicated with her 3 million fans with the utmost sincerity: «Take a rest today, I am leaving today ? I need to rebuild, I need to hug me and Take care of me back.I feel lost and I need to find a way to regain happiness, to recognize myself, to be myself, and to love myself again.This is a bad year», he said first.

Influential people point out that the death of her grandmother is one of the tragic news affecting 2021:! My grandmother left forever on Tuesday. I miss her every minute. I still don’t believe it. It’s painful. Although I know she will help me now.

However, Dulceida is suffering and decided to solve some more subtle problems:«For several months, I have been receiving constant harassment about my relationship on social networks, For a few people, they made a lot of noise and also caused a lot of harm to me and the people who loved me».please remember She and Alba Paul decided to spend some time In the early summer, see how their marriage evolves when they are separated and their future is uncertain.

The only retreat Aída Doménech saw was to stop posting on her Instagram, TikTok and Twitter: “For these reasons, I need to stop for me and my mental health. I am a very strong person, I have never I thought I could feel the way I am today, but I’m hurting myself and I can’t stand it anymore. At certain moments, I am my worst enemy, demanding and crushing me, I believe many of you will understand me. Sometimes you can’t do everything, you have to stop and ask for help and prioritize your mental health,” he explained.

In the end, Dulceda promised to come back soon, overcoming all the problems that hindered her progress: «I am willing to continue fighting and learn all this to keep the good and try to improve the bad. It will be weird, wait until I come back to tell you. I have been fighting here for 12 years, and I share a lot of things about myself every day, always with the best, a precious family full of love.
I’m a strong woman, but I feel that now I’m burdened a lot, this can’t be a burden anymore, I don’t feel strong
I hope to have them in September and return to the top, with my smile, my baby-like voice, to give you a lot of love and adventure to live. I will always love you ?✨ », he concluded.

Dulceda and Alba/Gtres in file image

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