Duel of tiaras in Buckingham: the coming-out of Camila and Catalina


First big State appointment for the King Charles III. Almost three months after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth, the monarch is about to host a state visit that, according to official sources, had already been scheduled for a long time, even before the death of the previous sovereign. This Tuesday, the president of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosaand his wife, the Dr. Tshepo Motsepeare scheduled to visit the UK, where they will stay until Thursday.

King Carlos III and Camila, the Queen Consort in an official act.

Although many details of this trip have not yet emerged, it is known that on Tuesday there will be a state dinner in his honor at the Buckingham Palace. It will be the first time Charles III offer a dinner of these characteristics already as head of state and it is expected that he will be accompanied by Queen Camila and the princes of walesin addition to other members of the Royal Family.

A dinner in which the etiquette is very defined and in which it is expected that the ladies wear their best clothes, tiara included. This raises the question about which pieces will carry both the new Queen consort like the new Wale’s princessalthough the truth is that many deployments are not expected, since the death of the Queen Isabel it is still very recent.

Catherine, Princess of Wales wearing a tiara.

Because of this, it is likely that, in the case of Prince William’s wife, we will see Catherine with one of her favorite jewels, the Lover’s Knot headband which she usually wears on most occasions, and which has also been one of the tiaras that Princess Diana has worn the most. Beyond this, it is expected that the daughter-in-law of the king charles also look some Queen Elizabeth jewelryas she has done in the last events she has attended, as a tribute to the previous sovereign.

Queen Camila with a tiara in an official act.

In the case of the new Queen consortIt is not expected that, for the moment, any of the outstanding pieces from Queen Elizabeth’s jewelery box will be released, but the most logical thing is that Camila bets on sobriety and opts for the two diadems that have marked her stage as Duchess of Cornwall. Emblematic pieces that, on the other hand, belonged to the Queen Mother and that are loaded with symbolism. In any case, it would be possible for Camila to bring some small detail in memory of the monarch. The wife of King Charles also has in her jewelery box a more understated tiara, the one she wore to her wedding to Andrew Parker-Bowles, though it is unlikely she would resort to this piece.

Catherine, Princess of Wales, wearing a tiara at a gala dinner.

This state dinner will be the first to host the Buckingham Palace in almost three years. The last one was that of the Diplomatic Corps in 2019, which was not missing the then Duchess of Cambridge, with the Lover’s Knot diadem. Since then, due to the restrictions of the pandemic, events of this magnitude have not been held, which are now finally back to normal.


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