Due to the rising infection rate, Germany provides the entire population with an intensification of the Covid vaccine


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The German government will provide Booster dose of Covid-19 vaccine Faced with an infection rebound, all those who want it. German Health Minister Jens Spahn today called anyone who wants a third dose, and the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) Institute of Virology urges those who have not yet been vaccinated to get the vaccine.

“Anyone who allows himself to inject the third dose helps us to survive the winter safely,” the minister said in an interview with regional chain Rbb.The minister emphasized certain groups, such as Elderly people, family members and medical staff, Although he promised that there are enough vaccines to provide booster doses for anyone who wants to be vaccinated.

He took Israel as an example, and pointed out that “the enhanced dose may also break the wave” because the people who receive it “actually are less contagious and have less chance of infecting others.”

As of this Thursday, 69.3% of Germany’s population has been vaccinated, and 66.5% of the vaccination time has been completed.

“As a result, the number of people vaccinated has hardly increased in recent weeks,” RKI warned.

The cumulative 7-day incidence rate in Germany was 139.2 The number of new infections per 100,000 residents, after reporting a 24-hour rebound from 118 to 130.2 yesterday, is also increasingly concerned about saturation of hospitals, especially those that have not been vaccinated.

The health authorities verified 24,668 new infections within 24 hours.

As RKI reported in its daily report, 964 coronavirus hospitalizations were reported on Wednesday, and the cumulative admission rate within 7 days was 3.31 per 100,000 residents.

The number of covid-19 patients in ucis increased by 1,768 -61 in one day, which is equivalent to 8.0% of the available beds in the intensive care unit.


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