Due to the outbreak in Xi’an, China has recorded positive Covid-19 records throughout 2021


China welcomed 182 positive Covid-19 new case record Although this Asian country adheres to a zero tolerance policy and strict preventive measures, so far this year.

This largest number of infections is due to the outbreak in the central city of Xi’an in the past two weeks. Since last Thursday, Xi’an has 810 active cases — 175 cases were detected on the last day — and its 13 million residents have been severely restricted.

In addition to local infections, Chinese health authorities announced on Tuesday 27 imported cases.

Memories of Wuhan

The city of Xi’an has an area equivalent to that of the Spanish province of Huelva. It ordered a blockade, prohibits leaving the city without negative PCR and official permission, suspends most of the traffic routes to the city, and vetoed the city’s Taxi service. In most urbanized areas, this strategy is reminiscent of the strategy implemented in Wuhan at the beginning of the pandemic.

Similarly, with the exception of supermarkets and medical institutions, most public places have been closed, and all indoor and outdoor activities and activities have been cancelled.

The authorities explained that under the surveillance of the neighborhood committee, residents of Xi’an must stay at home. Only one member can go out to buy necessities every two days and work from home as much as possible.

In order to avoid some panic scenes that have occurred in closed or semi-closed cities, the authorities have ensured that oil, eggs, vegetables and other food products are adequately stocked and prices remain stable.

Disinfection and testing

Since the city began to detect positive cases, the authorities have adopted the usual protocol wherever cases have been detected in China: large-scale PCR testing — four rounds of population testing have been conducted — and restrictions on access to affected communities.

Although the hotel that was initially identified as an isolation hotel for overseas inbound tourists may be the source of the epidemic, the subsequent infection has nothing to do with the hotel, indicating that there has been local transmission.

In view of the severity of the epidemic, the local government has ordered more radical measures, such as total confinement and even disinfection of streets.

The city’s large-scale disinfection work began last Sunday. Before that, residents were warned to close windows and take off clothes hanging outside.

Pictures released by Chinese media show workers in protective clothing spraying disinfectant at office buildings, sidewalks, subway entrances, and even spraying disinfectant into the air.

Christmas in Shanghai, China.


Precautions before omicron

The 810 active cases in Xi’an, known for hosting the terracotta warriors and horses, currently account for 35% of the 2,275 active cases in mainland China, which has been responding to small-scale outbreaks since mid-October.

This year, according to official data, the Asian country’s strict health procedures prevented the uncontrolled spread of the virus, although the infectious Delta variant managed to evade preventive measures last summer and caused some outbreaks.

The current outbreak of the epidemic is less than 40 days away from the Beijing Olympics. This will challenge China’s zero-tolerance strategy for the new crown virus. omicron variant.

So far, China has not confirmed any transmission of the new variant through local transmission, but several imported viruses have been found in quarantined travelers.

close up

The country is still closed to tourism and the vast majority of passengers from abroad. Chinese aviation authorities currently limit international flights into and out of China to 2.2% before the pandemic.

All passengers, regardless of their origin or nationality, must undergo strict quarantine at a professional hotel for at least 14 days, and the accommodation expenses shall be paid by the passengers.

The government has made its strategy and management of the pandemic one of its main prides, and its media has used it as an example with the United States, where the new coronavirus has caused more than 800,000 deaths.

Although the Chinese living in the areas where the cases were detected do face restricted mobility and severe paralysis of socio-economic life, the lives of others are relatively normal.

According to official Chinese statistics, 101,486 people have been infected in the country since the beginning of the pandemic, of which 94,575 were cured and 4,636 died.


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