Due to poor management of the Afghan crisis, the Dutch government successively resigned


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The Dutch government is in crisis due to the handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Two acting administrators have resigned this week. Thursday is the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sigrid Kag, He resigned after a majority vote in the Dutch parliament to support the disapproval of the motion. This Friday is the Secretary of Defense, Anker Bigelade, For the same reason as his partner.

Sigrid Kaag’s motion got 78 delegates -All opposition parties, except representatives Christian League, The political party of the current ruling coalition-the same as Defense Secretary Ank Bijleveld’s support for the motion, he also saw his disapproval of the management of the Afghan withdrawal, especially the ignorance of the Congress when it requested it in the spring. The emergency began to withdraw from Kabul. member.

A total of 72 representatives voted against the disapproval of the motion, all members of the Liberal Party VVD-Acting Prime Minister Mark Rutte-The Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) and Kaag’s colleagues in the party, progressive D66.

“Parliament considers the cabinet’s actions irresponsible. I can’t help but accept the consequences. If his policy is rejected, the minister must leave,” Karg said, announcing that he will immediately resign to the king. William Alexander.

In April last year, when Rutte became the object of the disapproval of the motion, except for the liberals, he received the support of the entire House of Representatives and disapproved of her attempt to interfere in the premature stage of future government negotiations. Kag then said that if she was Rutte, “Willing to resign” He did not hesitate to fulfill his promise this Thursday.

However, the Minister of Defense has announced that regardless of the result of the vote on the motion, she will remain in office because her “first task is still to save the interpreters still trapped in Afghanistan”, and her number is about approximately Twenty Afghans Worked for Dutch missionaries for the past two decades.

The resignation of Kaag, who leads the second largest party in parliament-and therefore Rutte’s necessary partner in the future administration-is in a sensitive period of government negotiations. Stagnant conversation Since the March elections, given the ideological veto imposed by different parties, the minority government is the only option.

The progressive leader has stated that her resignation as minister will not affect her role in future government negotiations. “Hope we can form a new cabinet,” he said after announcing his resignation.

The Dutch government guarantees, 1,673 people evacuated from Kabul Until August 26, the evacuation before departure from Afghanistan ceased, including 371 Afghan interpreters, 211 embassy employees and their families, and approximately 319 chefs, journalists, activists and security personnel.


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