Due to lack of truck drivers, Britain will deploy armed forces to supply gasoline


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British Army Military Will start to distribute fuel From this Monday to the gas station in the country to ease Lack of carrier, What inspired Many gas stations are closed And waiting in long lines for refueling.

almost 200 members of the armed forces, 100 of them will be drivers, who will be dispatched to alleviate the situation after receiving emergency training.

Although the government and major oil companies have insisted in recent days that the situation is “stabilizing”, more than a quarter of independent petrol stations in the UK continued this Friday. Empty jet, According to the National Retailers Association.

Temporary support

In a statement issued this Saturday, the Cabinet Department (similar to the Presidential Palace) stated that 200 soldiers belonging to Army tanker personnel will give “Temporary Support” Within the scope of measures taken by the government to solve the problem of driver shortage.

The country “still faces challenges”, although demand “has stabilized and now More fuel delivered than sold“, according to the instructions.

300 foreign truck drivers will also be allowed to enter the country temporarily, and they will be able to stay and work in the UK until the end of March next year.

The Chief Executive added that he is taking other temporary measures to deal with the pressure on the food supply chain, which is also caused by the lack of labor, which he attributed to the “pandemic and global economic recovery” in the statement. , There is no mention of Brexit and the country’s withdrawal from the European Union.

Among these measures, other measures will be reached by the end of October. 4,700 food transporters, They will stay until the end of February, and 5,500 workers in the poultry industry will be allowed to enter the country, with visas valid until December 31.

“The introduction of these temporary visas does not detract from our commitment to improve skills and wages in the labor market, but rather recognize special circumstances that affect the stability of the UK’s supply chain,” the government emphasized.

Company minister, Quasi Quatten, Emphasizes that there is “no shortage of fuel” in the country, and the people “must continue to refuel”, and appealed to the people not to panic and let things “return to normal”.


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