Duck Prescott calls for ‘nasty talk’ after Texas school shooting


YesTevy Kerr and LeBron James were the first sports figures to call for changes to gun laws, but we still haven’t heard from Texas athletes. Quarterback Duck Prescott finally decided to speak to the local press on Wednesday amid terrible tragedy it happened at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

He addressed the Congress directly with his proposals, and also called for immediate negotiations on these pressing issues. After another mass shooting in Texas, almost everyone is demanding stricter gun regulations, which the NRA is trying to block.

Police spokesman: Texas shooter was ‘evil man’

You know you’re wrong when your own constituents tell you enough is enough, Dak Prescott did it earlier Wednesday. In short, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback barely held back tears as he spoke of the children who died.

He remembered all the parents who failed to say good night to their children, Prescott has no children of his own, but he fears for the safety of all children. After a scheduled practice session with the Cowboys, Prescott went to the media and sent a stern warning to all Texas officials. He knows that these “unpleasant conversations” are bound to happen sooner or later.

What did Dak Prescott say?

“We’re talking about kids,” Prescott said. We are talking about the future. I mean, I don’t have kids (but) I can’t imagine having to send my child to school with that kind of anxiety. To be honest, I’m afraid to have children, and this is wrong. Sadly. I think too often we run from conflict. These are conversations.

“Political leaders, law enforcement and our community, those they serve, meet them face to face and allow them to have these open dialogues about why they feel uncomfortable or unprotected, or what the anxiety or stigmatization is. separates us. Let’s bring it to the forefront so we can have these uncomfortable conversations but get something out of them and not continue to show separation like we did.”


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