Dubai World Expo: An international event that put the king in trouble

this Expo 2020 Dubai After a year of delay due to the coronavirus pandemic, it celebrated its inauguration on October 1. More than 190 countries are welcome to participate in the event. Their different pavilions will represent “Connecting Thoughts and Building the Future”. They are located in three regions, which together form a small city: Opportunity Zone, Flow Zone and Sustainable Development Zone.

An important international event, which will last until March next year, is an ideal place for cultural exchanges, innovation and technology at all levels.The event is located at Dubai Trade Center Jebel, With an area equivalent to 600 football fields, is expected to attract more than 25 million visitors, most of them from outside the United Arab Emirates.

Bird’s Eye View of World Expo / Gtres

In addition, the organization expects Expo 2020 will attract approximately 25 million visitors, 70% of which will come from outside the United Arab Emirates. Spain is one of the countries participating in the sample. In this case, the slogan of the pavilion is “Wisdom of Life”, with sustainable development as the central axis.

Spain Pavilion / Gtres

I hope that some of the most important figures on the international stage will not miss the opportunity to participate in activities with these characteristics. In this regard, it is logical that members of different royal families around the world travel to Dubai to provide support to their respective countries.Is such that Albert of Monaco Or the King of the Netherlands, although in a different way.

Alberto de Monaco (Alberto de Monaco) in a recent picture / Gtres

The monarch of Monaco was one of the first to participate in the “virtual” inauguration of the Monaco Pavilion. It did so in early October and held a ceremony in Monte Carlo where a model of the pavilion was displayed. According to official sources, Alberto also plans to travel to Dubai on the 12th.I don’t know if he would do this Charlene, Although it is possible.

Kings Maxima and Guillermo They have also been to Dubai. As far as they are concerned, they did this a few days ago, and they had a complete tour, not only to the pavilion, but also to other areas of the exhibition.

Maxima and Guillermo after arriving in Dubai / Gtres

Except for these two specific cases, there is no news of other royal family members going to Dubai. Ben Digital has contacted the press departments of different European royal families to confirm whether they have attended the exhibition, but at present we have only received responses from European royal families. Greek royal family, Which assures us that “they don’t have any access records.”

Keep in mind that Dubai is currently a controversial destination for some royals, especially for Spaniards, but to a certain extent, it is also true for Greeks. Since the summer of 2020, King Juan Carlos lives in the United Arab EmiratesEspecially in Abu Dhabi, where he hosted his daughter and friends in his inner circle. However, the official visit of the Kings may put the Crown in an awkward position.

Kings Juan Carlos and Felipe/Gtres in the file picture

Although it has not yet been confirmed that other royals will come to Dubai, by the end of the exhibition, it can be expected that at least those who have been to the previous sessions will do so, namely Federico and Mary from Denmark, Prince Haakon-doubt still exists Metmarite – o Victoria and her husband from Sweden. However, the case of Don Felipe and Dona Letizia is highly questionable, despite the fact that their absence and presence are likely to arouse criticism in any direction.

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