Draymond Green on cheating Memphis fans: “I’ll pay the fine. I make $25 million a year.”


DRaymond Green ended up back in court after getting this nasty elbow to the face that made him bloody, Xavier Tillman punched him right in the eye. Green seemed to be worried about this injury, but the fans started booing him no matter what, in response he pushed them all away.

In response, the fans cheered for him because they knew he would receive a penalty after the game. When the first half of the game ended, even coach Steve Kerr got angry when he said that memphis grizzlies were not physical, but dirty. It was clear that the Golden State Warriors were going to have a pretty tough night.

By the end of the game, the Warriors had lost thanks to a memorable performance by Ja Morant, who scored an impressive 47 points. Jha seemed to reach out to Stephen Curry immediately after the game to tell him that they were going to have some good fun in this series. We don’t argue, this rivalry is wild, and Draymong Green’s response to the fans proves it.

He never cared about controversial things, but this time it felt personal to him. Draymond is clearly angry at Memphis Grizzlies fans for their unsportsmanlike behavior, as they know the league rarely punishes them. On the other hand, players are penalized every time they go against rude fans.

Draymond brags about his annual salary.

When a local reporter asked Draymond Green about how to fool the fans, he weighed his words well. He expected to be asked about it, and his response was Draymond’s greenest response in his entire history: “If you’re going to boo someone who’s just been taunted in the eye or in a bloodstained face, you must be offended.” So I take the fine, I’ll go perform and refund the money.

“But I was very pleased to throw them off. Are you going to boo someone who gets taunted in the eye and blood runs down your face? I could have had a concussion or something like that. If they’re going to be that nasty, I can be nasty too.” I guess the applause was because they knew I was going to be fined. Great, I make $25 million a year, I’ll be fine.”


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