Draymond Green drops a pair of F-bombs during a warrior parade


Draymond Green belonging Golden State Warriors dropped two bombs during the championship team parade and the crowd went crazy!!

Green was on stage with his teammates to celebrate the Warriors’ fourth title in eight years, which they won in six games in a season. Boston Celtics in NBA Finals.

As you might expect, Green didn’t hold back when he took the microphone.

“I don’t know what you want me to tell you, we’re the best,” Greene said. “It’s been an amazing year. I told you, don’t let us win the fucking championship.”

“Obviously no one could stop it. I warned you all,” added Green.

Green began his speech by admitting that he was trying to come up with the most controversial thing to say, and he wasn’t kidding.

quadruple NBA champion He promised to “keep destroying people on Twitter”, after which he continued to praise his teammates.

Draymond Green celebrated with the crowd

Green ended his speech to the crowd with a forceful address to all non-Dub Nation members in true Draymond fashion.

“I just want to say thank you to everyone,” Green said, “and, as always, fuck everyone else,” he added.

The parade began at 11:20 am on Market and Main Streets in San Francisco and continued through the Market until it reached 8th Street about a mile away.

When the Warriors held the championship parade in Oakland, the route stopped at Lake Merrittwhere players gave speeches and interacted directly with fans on an impromptu stage.

No wonder Greene stood out throughout this part of the parade. Of course, Green’s joke about staying home tonight could be a reference to the Warriors’ non-stop celebration after the NBA championship win over the Celtics.


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