Draghi warns coronavirus problems are largely due to unvaccinated

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Prime Minister of Italy, Mario Draghi, today defending the government’s unity in the management of the pandemic, despite the Coalition’s public disparity in recent days on issues such as the assumption of mandatory vaccination of the entire population.

far-right La Liga, Matteo Salvini, has been opposed to this situation, defended by other forces, such as the Democratic Party (PD, center-left), these differences were evident in last week’s ad approvalSecret law to make vaccinations mandatory for people over 50.

“We must not ignore Most of the problems we have today are caused by people who are not vaccinatedDraghi said at a news conference. “Numerous times, I invite all Italians who have not been vaccinated to do so Because they got the third vaccine. “

“When these types of measures are approved, they try to seek consensus. If possible, getting consensus among heterogeneous coalitions supporting this government is the goal,” said Draghi, who ruled out his nomination from February 2021. The executive starts to become a “barrier” for all parties.

The former European Central Bank (ECB) president stressed that vaccinating people over 50 is an attempt to protect the health of vulnerable groups, while also protecting the health of others, and called on all Italians to get vaccinated because “intensive care units have Take up two-thirds of the unvaccinated.”

At the press conference, Draghi was accompanied by Roberto Speranza of the Ministry of Health and Patricio Bianchi of the Ministry of Education, as well as Franco Locatelli, president of the High Commission for Health.

Speranza said that currently More than 10% of Italy’s population has not been vaccinated in 12 years, and it is these, unvaccinated people, that “take up two-thirds of ucis and 50 percent of general ward hospitalizations”.

The government also decided last week that schools would open on Monday to allow face-to-face teaching, a measure not taken by some cities in the Campania and Sicily regions, which decided to delay the return to school after Christmas.

“The government’s goal is to keep schools open. It’s enough to see the inequality that happens when classes are taught remotely, reflected in the inequalities at the North-South level and haunted them later in their careers,” Draghi stressed.

He also said that young people could not go to class but could “eat pizza with friends or go to the gym” which “doesn’t make sense”, stressing that “economic activity has to continue, but it has to be done wisely.”, the same as face-to-face education.


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