Dr. Navalny was sentenced to house arrest for 8 hours a day for propaganda demonstration

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On Thursday, the Moscow court sentenced Anastasia Vasílieva, the head of the Union of Physicians Treating the imprisoned Alexei Navalny, He was restricted from freedom for a year for calling on Russians to participate Support the demonstrations of the leaders of the Russian opposition.

“The judge finally announced the sentence against Anastasia. One year of freedom restrictions,” his team said on the doctor’s Twitter account.

You cannot leave the house between 10pm and 6am., He cannot leave Moscow, nor can he participate in public events,” said the ophthalmologist’s lawyer. In addition, he must appear in front of the regulator twice a month.

The doctor will appeal the verdict on the phone “Health Case”, According to your team.

After large-scale unauthorized protests on the streets of Russia demanded the release of Navalny, the so-called “health case” was launched in January last year.

The prosecutor’s office confirmed that the defendant promoted the demonstration and thus angered people Violation of hygiene and epidemiological norms.

The defendants in this case are: Oleg Stepanov, who is the coordinator of the Navalny office in Moscow; the opponent’s second figure, Lyubov Sobol; Vasilyeva; and the imprisoned counter Brother of corruption activist Oleg.

There are also Navalni’s press secretary Kira Yarmish, Moscow opposition campaign manager Nikolái Liaskin, municipal representative Dmitri Baranovski, and members of the punk band Pussy Riot María Aliójina and Lusya Stein.

Some of the closest collaborators of the opposition leader were convicted in the case They left this country due to judicial persecution, Such as Yarmish (1.5 years restriction on freedom) and Sobol (1.5 years restriction on freedom)


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