Dr. Congo: A series of violent incidents occurred in a mining concession operated by a Chinese company-Zimo News


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Some videos show that since March, the mining concessions operated by Chinese companies in the Lualaba region of southern Democratic Republic of Congo have been under high tension. They showed that the managers of these companies clashed with their Congolese employees or artisanal gold miners who entered the concession illegally.

In July, a video showed two Congolese soldiers whipping a hand excavator and entering a concession area operated by the Chinese company Commus. In our show, Richard Ilunga, an observer responsible for human rights at the non-governmental organization Afrewatch, explained that these intrusions are not uncommon: concessions in the area have been granted to foreign companies and no more opportunities are left to them. The standard of living is very low.

For those who choose to work in a Chinese dealership, everyday life is hardly more enviable. Two videos shot in March and June showed Congolese employees fighting with their Chinese superiors. Richard Illunga explained that with low salaries, overexploitation, and humiliation, “their working conditions are very bad.” “They have no protective equipment when working in a very toxic environment, and they face all risks.”


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