Dove Cameron Reveals Her Advice for Selena Gomez’s Career


Disney star Dove Cameron revealed that she took advice from Selena Gomez as she started her career. Celebrities should seek advice from their elders when it comes to their acting or singing careers.

It is nothing but a great lesson to be learned from the experiences of their seniors or the stars they have always admired. Something similar has happened with many Hollywood celebrities who have opened up about such things.

Among them is Dove Cameron, who recently started getting great advice from Selena Gomez for her career.

When Dove Cameron started her career through Disney Channel, she started communicating with Selena Gomez, one of the successful stars in her network. The 26-year-old singer talked about all this in her new interview.

“When I first started on Disney Channel, Gary Marsh, the head of the network at the time, was also the person who discovered Selena Gomez. I owe him everything he has done for me and my career.”

He also remembered the moment when Gary told him that he wanted to let him meet the biggest sensation, Selena Gomez. She advised him to talk to her about what these things were about, as her life would change.

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Here’s Dove Cameron Revealed What Selena Gomez Recommends Her For Her Career!

He met Selena Gomez at Gary’s suggestion and talked about how kind he was. Dove Cameron remembered the moment of speaking and felt how wonderful and helpful he was.

The two met at Selena Gomez’s house and sat for hours at her kitchen table. She also talked about how Selena Gomez served her toast.

After coming to give advice, she gave him some advice on what not to do and also what to do. She even considered texting him about what he had to do as he was so nervous and panicked. His nervousness stems from the fact that he had never done this kind of thing before.

But when Dove Cameron shared all the tension, Selena Gomez advised her to be herself because everyone just wants her to be herself because it will be useful. And if he’s going to be himself, he’s going to kill every performance. That’s why it’s really important not just for Dove Cameron, but for Selena Gomez as well.

As for Selena Gomez, she was recently seen making a cameo on Saturday Night Live joining Steve and Martin in pink dresses.


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