Double Roca Rey in the return of the bulls in Pamplona on San Fermin


House of Mercy Pamplona presented posters with which they will mark the centenary of the bullfighting ring in the capital of Navarre at the Bull Fair 2022. The return of the bulls San Ferminone of the most important events of the year in the bullfighting calendar.

It is on the big day of the fair, July 7, that a special bullfight is planned for 100 years of the bullring in Pamplona and it will have a navarre rejoneador, Handsome Pablo from Mendozaa Moorish from La Pueblaa Julian Lopez El Juli Already Andres Roca Rey along with bulls from El Capea and Nunez del Cuvillo. It is the Peruvian right-hander who will be one of the main characters of the fair, where he will be present for two days.

Return of King Rock

The Peruvian bullfighter returns to the Pamplona bullring after having to shorten his 2019 season due to an injury he suffered during the San Isidro fair that year. Roca Rey returns to one of the brightest places with performances that are considered triumphant. This time he does it twice: at the bullfight on 7 July and 13. In this second poster, he will share the walk with Miguel Angel Perera and Paco Ureña and face the bulls River Victorian.

Another one who returns to Pamplona Alexander Talavant. The bullfighter from Extremadura, who was one of the axes of the 2022 San Isidro Fair with his four days away from one of them, has yet to regain the level before retiring in 2018. Yes, you could see the best version of the right-hander in Cordoba and Aranjuez.

When Rafael Rubio Rafaelillo special. The bullfighter of Murcia, Miura, was severely punished at the last San Fermina by a bull with the legendary emblem of Seville. This time he returns to deal with the bullpen at La Palomilla. His place in front of miuras was taken by one Anthony Ferrerawho announced that he would donate his royalties to the Casa de la Misericordia de Pamplona, ​​the owner of the bullring.

Bull Fair Names

The posters for this 2022 Bullfair seem to have been closed long before the Seville and Madrid fairs due to the absence of the two main proper names they dropped: Thomas Rufo and Angel Tellez. Both bullfighters won first place in the world, and the first one did it also in Seville.

However, it seems that the bullfighters who shone in Madrid and Seville have been taken into account. especially mexican Isaac Fonseca who pierced a great show in Madrid, where many tagged his name for future events, and cut off two of his ears at the Maestranza. They will accompany Fonseca in bullfights with Pinci, Jorge Martinez and Alvaro Alarcon.

The cult of the bull is one of the symbols of the fair in the capital of Navarre. Fuente Imbro, Victoriano del Río, José Escolar, Cebada Gago, La Palmosilla, Jandilla, Pincha, El Capea, Nunez del Cuvillo and Miura are the herds of bullfighters who will braid the paseo in the afternoon, when the bulls are running. to the face. .

All posters San Fermin 2022

  • Tuesday, July 5, Pincha rules Jorge Martinez, Isaac Fonseca and Alvaro Alarcon.
  • Wednesday, July 6, bulls for the return from El Capea for Leonardo Hernandez, Roberto Armendariz and Guillermo Hermoso de Mendoza.
  • Thursday 7th July Bulls from El Capea and Nunez del Cuvillo for Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza (one bull), Morante de la Puebla, El Juli and Roca Rey.
  • Friday 8 July Fuente Imbro bulls for Daniel Luque, José Garrido and Alvaro Lorenzo.
  • Saturday, July 9, Bulls Jose Escolar for Joselito Adame, Ruben Pinar and Javier Cortes.
  • Sunday 10 July Bulls from La Palmosilla for Rafaelillo, Manuel Escribano and Leo Valades.
  • Monday 11th July, Sebad Gago bulls for Juan Leal, Roman and Jesus Enrique Colombo.
  • Tuesday 12th July, Jandilla bulls for Diego Urdiales, Alejandro Talavante and Gines Marin.
  • Wednesday, July 13, bulls from Victoriano del Río for Miguel Angel Perera, Paco Ureña and Roca Rey.
  • Thursday 14th July bulls by Eduardo Miura for Antonio Ferrera, solo


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