Double-capacity fighter jets and 340 TNT B61 bombs: nuclear exercises NATO is preparing for


NATO conducts annual nuclear deterrence exercise, baptized firm noon o Firm noon.This year is no exception, although recent threats Russian President Vladimir Putin Use of atomic weapons in Ukraine.

“Canceling them would send the wrong signal,” the league’s secretary general explained on Tuesday. Jens Stoltenberg, at a press conference ahead of a meeting of defense ministers of member states.Therefore, practiceroutinewill be held in various parts of Europe next week and will focus on “maintaining the organization’s deterrent capabilities” Safe, reliable and effective“.

So far, NATO has maintained low information profile Regarding these trainings, each time is organized by a different partner. For example, the exact location where the action was performed is usually not published. 2020 is only designated for Western Europe and the North Sea. Last year, these happened in southern Europe.

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Everything in this 2022 shows that it will happen in Western Europe,”More than 1000 kilometers away from RussiaAccording to the agency Eph Citing Allied sources.

As we all know, for firm noon used flights with double capacity fighters; that is, fighter jets that can perform conventional and nuclear missions, such as the F-35. “The exercise also involved regular aircraft, supported by surveillance and refueling aircraft,” it detailed. This is a statement.

Double capacity aircraft.


“No real weapons were used,” NATO said on its website.However, these exercises are designed to rehearse the use of B61 tactical nuclear weapon The United States has deployed military bases in Turkey and at least four European countries: Germany, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands.

In general, it is estimated that there are about 150 such weapons are stored, According to the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, it is ready to be loaded onto an aircraft and dropped by the coalition at an enemy target.

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This is an artifact that in its most developed version can have a power of 340 kilotons, equivalent to 11 Hiroshima. During the Cold War, the United States shipped these bombs to continental Europe to deter Russia and appease allies. They have remained on the territory since then, although the Coalition has drastically reduced the number of atomic weapons deployed in Europe (close to 90%) to comply with the nuclear non-proliferation agreement.

Russian-Ukrainian War



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