Donald Trump’s family business found guilty of tax evasion


The real estate company of the family of former President Donald Trump was convicted of tax evasion and other financial crimes in the New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan. A victory for the New York Attorney’s Office after years of investigations against the former Republican president with a 17 counts after more than a day of deliberations among jury members, who found the family business responsible for a network of undisclosed senior executive gifts. Among them, stand out luxury apartments, Mercedes-Benz praised and even private school lessons for their loved ones. In addition to the accounting books, for which Nope he had been paid taxes.

This conviction on charges of tax fraudfraud, conspiracy and fake It doesn’t have much repercussions for Trumpex-president of the media, because the maximum sentence is a $1.62 million fine, a figure much lower than that entered by Donald Trump during his presidency. This verdict offers a victory to the new District Attorney Alvin L. Bragg, democrat the subject of criticism within his own party, after he refused to file an indictment against Trump in a wider investigation after finding no strong evidence.

Even so, donald trump He is not directly related to the case, although prosecutors have taken it upon themselves to mention his name at all trial hearings in an effort to establish a clear connection between the aforementioned fraud and the former president, arguing that the Republican personally paid for some of the gifts Among the consequences of this conviction, he points out that it could prepare the ground for the Attorney General’s office to intensify its criminal investigation against the former president. Added to this is the money you would have paid to a porn actress who claims to have had a relationship with Trump.

For now, indeed immediate, it appears that the conviction of the company could have a direct impact on Donald Trump’s presidential aspirations in the face of the 2024 election, which could provide him with some cover in order to protect himself. in the future against further investigations and charges. Trump, whose lawyers have already announced their intention to appeal the verdict, sees the sentencing as a politically motivated witch hunt, which could attract voters most loyal to Donald Trump again. A solid electorate which, until the last midterm elections, where the entire House of Representatives and a third of the Senate were renewed, clearly represented the Republican electorate.


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