Donald Trump receives letters from Barack Obama and Kim Jong Un as he leaves the White House


After leaving the White House, Donald Trump carried letters from his predecessor Barack Obama and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un that the National Archives had to collect in Florida, Revealed Monday, February 7 Washington post.

At the end of his term, any U.S. president must send all his emails, letters, and other working documents to the National Archives, which holds them.But when he left Washington, Republicans, according to Washington postdecided to take a few boxes to Mar-a-Lago, his Florida residence.

The boxes included gifts from foreign leaders, a letter left by Barack Obama, and several letters written by Kim Jong Un.

Donald Trump, the first U.S. president to meet a member of the Kim family, has a well-known correspondence with the North Korean leader. “He wrote me beautiful letters and they were great letters. We were in love”the US president told his supporters in September 2018.

“Tapeed” sheets

Last month, officials from the National Archives traveled to Florida to retrieve the boxes…hence Kim Jong Un’s letter claiming Washington post.

Donald Trump’s entourage and the National Archives did not respond to requests from AFP. Last week, however, the National Archives had revealed that the former president had a habit of tearing up parts of his working papers, another breach of the rules.

“Among the presidential papers received by the National Archives are paper documents torn by former President Trump”, they told AFP.some paper already “tape it” pass through “White House Records Management Officer”they specify.

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