Donald Parham suffered terrible head injury while playing Chiefs vs Chargers


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12/17/2021 –

Din the first quarter Bosses against Chargers Thursday Night Football game, long-range receiver Donald Parham was about to score a goal when a terrible incident occurred. In fact, he was catching the ball and somehow injured his head in the fall. As soon as he fell to the ground, Parham dropped the ball due to an incomplete pass, and no one understood what happened. He was suddenly numb, as if he had just received a brain injury, it took a little time for the medics to get to the field.

How did Donald Parham get hurt?

Because he attracted the attention of doctors, his condition did not improve, despite the fact that he was looked after by an increased number of staff. All players are from Kansas City Executives and Los angeles chargers… Considering that it hasn’t really improved, Parham I had to immediately be taken out of the field on a stretcher and taken to an ambulance. This is still an evolving story to which we will continue to add more information. With hope, Parham everything is in order, and it was nothing more than a terrible fright. What seems odd is that he didn’t bang his head at anything, it was just a weird accident.

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