Doja Cat calls Noah Schnapp a “weasel” for denouncing her crush on Joseph Quinn.


Tueand can’t blame Doja Cat for being a little thirsty Joseph Quinnbreakout star’weird things‘. His role as Eddie Munson was arguably one of the best parts of season 4 and made millions of people fall in love with it. But Doja Cat seems to be much more interested in the actor than the character, so much so that she went to her co-star’s private messages to find a meeting.

The problem is that this partner Noah Schnapp and he unfortunately exposed the lust of Cat Doji. After that, Joseph Quinn can forget about everything that happens between him and the hip-hop star. This kind of exposure is something celebrities don’t really appreciate. It’s not even Quinn’s fault, but she’ll probably be embarrassed to even talk to the actor now.

How did Noah Schnapp expose the Doja Cat?

The actor has a TikTok account that he used on July 6 to post a screenshot. In the image, you can see a personal conversation between him and Dodja Cat, where she asks him to bond her and Joseph Quinn. In the past, Dodge has shown her fondness for Quinn when she tweeted, “Joseph Quinn is damn good.” Now that she has confirmed her words from the past, Noah Schnapp comes out and exposes her private messages.

Needless to say, Dodge didn’t like it at all, even holding an Instagram Live session to snap at Schnapp for what he did. At first it looked like she would brush off what had happened, but by the end of her stream, things began to heat up. We still don’t know what Schnapp thinks of these allegations, but we’d love to know.

Here’s what Dodge had to say: “Honestly, it’s like a child. I don’t know how old he is, but I don’t think he’s over 21. When you’re so young, you make mistakes. -t. I’m trying to be over-honest. You ruin relationships with people, make mistakes – the right way to know not to do it in the future.

“I’ve done my share of fucking so I don’t have to fuck anymore. Posting this was so incredibly socially ignorant and stupid. Like, it’s like frontier snake shit,” she shared. “It looks like affectionate shit. And like, I’m not saying that it encompasses his whole personality. Noah does not meet the definition – I would not think that he is.


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