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A motorist filmed the dog tied to a Charente clearing, in a state of decay, near other dead of its kind. A serious abuse complaint has been filed. The 30 Million Friends Foundation is filing a civil lawsuit.

A nightmare for the national team. When she saw a stray puppy, the driver stopped on the RN10 road near Ruffec in Charente (March 20, 2022) and took the animal to safety. On the other side of the roadside mound, she found a clearing with dogs strapped to it, with no water or food. Around,​​​other…decomposed dog corpses.

Decomposing animal carcasses

In a photo taken by the young woman and shared more than 28,000 times on Facebook, we see the frightened dog on a very short leash. Shells were also found at the scene.

In total,” 5 dogs and 1 puppy ” and” 4 dead bodies who is on this land.After the representative arrives Angumois’ Refugethe remains disappeared; they would be taken care of by the municipality.

An investigation is underway. Angumois sanctuary lodged a complaint about the severe abuse and cruelty and asked the animals to be taken away. In this case, the 30 Million Friends Foundation is a civil party.


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