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According to a Japanese study published in the journal Current Biology, dogs’ tear volume increases dramatically when reunited with their owners. New proof – if needed – the unconditional love of our 30 million friends!

Jumping in the air, flapping their tails, barking…the dogs ostensibly show their joy when they are reunited with their owners! Another, more discreet symbol expresses this intense happiness: tears of joy. The latest discovery is called ” world premiere Author: Takebu Kisui, co-author The research behind the discovery. ” We’ve never heard of pets tearing up in happy situations, such as reuniting with their owners. ”. It is now done.

Tears due to the presence of oxytocin… ‘the love hormone’

To arrive at this tear conclusion, Japanese scientists compared the tears of dogs in a normal home environment with their owners, which were secreted in the first 5 minutes of meeting with their owners, after 5 to 7 hours of separation. The observation was clear: dogs secrete more tears when they are reunited! The researchers then analyzed the amount of tears before and after being reunited with the animal owner and a third party. This time, the dog’s tears were more consistent in front of the owner.

These tears themselves are linked to the presence of oxytocin, the ‘love hormone’ that increases when dogs are reunited with humans:” Dog’s gaze triggers interaction with owner and stimulates oxytocin secretion », Critic Scholar.

A dog’s tear-filled eyes elicit sympathy from humans. ©AdobeStock

A dog’s tears inspire human kindness

Finally, it is hypothesized that tears in a dog’s eye during a reunion contribute to humane dog care.add a researcher. To test this hypothesis, we invited human participants to rate their impressions of dog photos by asking how much they wanted to care for the dog – with and without artificial tears. ”. Not surprisingly, photos of dogs with artificial tears rank significantly higher than dogs without tears!

In humans, crying babies make parents pay more attention to themnote the researchers. Likewise, dogs, not domesticated like other animals, have developed specific communication skills over time. ”. Therefore, the misty eyes of dogs may encourage their owners to pamper them even more!” Dog tears may inspire goodwill in humans confirmed the study.

30 Million Friends Foundation Campaign Against Abandonment – 2012

On the other hand, if it is now certain that our faithful companions are cheering, the tears of sadness have not been scientifically proven. When neglected, neglected or abused, ” An animal doesn’t cry…it suffers silently », recalls the 30 million friends foundation in its Campaign Against Abandonment 2012.

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