Does Ana María Aldón have any special friends? : She emphasized the answer


marriage Anna Maria Alden Still up in the air.As more family problems come to light, about A new fantasy for designers. After the information was leaked, Jose Antonio León said he was among a group of friends who would also be getting married and that they would have a business relationship. Information that would have reached the communicator through the merchant’s relatives. Nothing is far from the truth.

In gossip, after a controversial interview gem olden inside luxury, Ortega Cano’s wife has returned to her plans is summer To clarify the situation and finally confirm that he does not have any new fantasies. ‘There can be no proof because it is completely false’, has been sentenced. It was after so many months that her name was in the eye of a hurricane that Ortega Cano’s wife decided not to remain silent and went to court to settle the matter: “There will be measures. I’m sorry, I’m sorry for all the things invented “Playing with a family that doesn’t belong to me ‘supposedly’ you can’t play”.

Ana María Aldón in ‘It’s already summer’ / Telecinco

Obviously, in rare cases dew This has been his sanctuary, and he has met a group of friends in which his so-called lover will be. A man who has a friendly relationship with him and thinks he is not worthy of it. “They have to be splashed by four villains… It’s very unfair that they can’t have a normal life because they can invent something like this and cause so much damage to another family. This is unfair and should not be allowed‘, he sentenced with a serious look on his face.

Ana María Aldón in 'It's already summer' / Telecinco
Ana María Aldón in ‘It’s already summer’ / Telecinco

as to why matador From this place suddenly marked, Ana María Aldón has made it clear: “My husband left El Rocío because he wanted to leave, because he decided to do something else and my family was with me”. And, in recent days, there has been a lot of speculation that the teacher will leave the stage when he sees some of his wife’s affectionate attitude towards this mysterious man who is apparently their friend. “it’s just a lieBetrayal is what I tell you, you say it behind your back, but when there’s nothing there, it’s a lie,” he settled.

Just yesterday, the team is summer Managed to get in touch with this guy and exclusively published him about Rumors linking him to the designer“What you have done is truly regrettable. I have a wife and children and I am close friends with this lady’s husband. I will take legal action”, he verdict, testifying to the dismay of the information that Anna Maria denied today. anger.

Ana María Aldón in 'It's already summer' / Telecinco
Ana María Aldón in ‘It’s already summer’ / Telecinco

A new message makes again designer In the center of the media spotlight. That’s why, in addition to sitting in front of the TV like every Sunday in which he cooperates to protect himself from the constant attacks on him, today he also played on his sense of humour, trying to catch the iron already drowning you . “I changed the sidewalk,” he laughs, appealing to single women. That’s, if there’s a reality, it’s that designers are getting all the hits at the same time. “i miss lawyersNote, I need several lawyers to work at the same time because my work is piling up,” he said with a smile, making it clear that rumors are just rumors.


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