“Do you support Zaporia leaving Ukraine?”: votes in pro-Russian referendum


Partially Occupied Territory Kherson Yes Zaporozhye and self-proclaimed people’s republic Donetsk Yes luganskacknowledged by the Kremlin in February, they are ready to join Russia. As of Thursday, pro-Russian figures finalized preparations for upcoming joint referendum with Russia September 23-27.

This authorities Ukraine downplayed these consultations, they called it “Unlawful”but the separatists have begun their Activitywhich includes political rallies and distributions publicity election.

Several volunteers from Donetsk distributed leaflets this Thursday saying Russia is the future. Take part in the referendum.we stand with russia And a bracelet in the colors of the Russian flag.Other pro-Putin supporters give away newspapers republica medium that supports full compliance Ukraine Whose motto is on the cover of this thursday 27-09, yes.

Distributing pro-Russian propaganda in Donetsk on Thursday.


Inquire It will be extended for five days – from September 23 to 27 – to guarantee the best conditions for voters, electoral committee members, observers and journalists. authorities split molecule.

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The same goes for ballots

Pro-Russian faction has started printing vote This will be used for voting in the coming days. “Are you in favor of Ukraine withdrawing from the state? Zaporozhyetheir independence and their access Russia as a subject of the Russian Federation? “, is a question that consultation participants must answer when Zaporozhye, whose votes have been distributed on social networks. The ballot paper, written in Ukrainian and Russian, also showed two possible answers: Yes anyone Do not.

The ballot form also states that if the ballot is not signed by two officials, it will be considered invalid.of votes Kherson, Donetsk Yes lugansk They are similar.

The center of voting in the referendum to join Russia is preparing.

The center of voting in the referendum to join Russia is preparing.


Voters will be able to deposit ballots in their homes, indoor patios, public places, and only for one day School election traditional.

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russian rush

Russian troops withdraw from the northeast despite the referendum scheduled for November 4 next year to coincide with Russia’s national holiday Kharkivthe Ukrainian counteroffensive in the south and the advance of the army Kyiv Towards lugansk lead to nervous of leader Pro-Russianwho decides to consult in advance.

A pro-Russian supporter showed the

A pro-Russian supporter showed the “Republic” newspaper, a media outlet that supports all-out Ukraine, with the slogan 27-09, YES on its front page on Thursday.

Russia’s House of Representatives on Tuesday backed the wishes of the Ukrainian separatists due to the Duma’s emergency response, and it is clear that these calls have Kremlin.

Of course, as soon as the news came out, the Russian stock market suffered its biggest drop since the war began on February 24, reaching 8.84%.

“Fake referendum”

Logically, the West would not recognize these referendums.for state joined, these consultations are a sign of Russia’s weakness in Ukraine. “Russia is holding a fake referendum three days early as it continues to lose on the battlefield,” White House national security adviser Jack Sullivan said on Tuesday.

Distributing pro-Russian propaganda in Donetsk.

Distributing pro-Russian propaganda in Donetsk.


other countries such as France, Germany, Spain or your own committee Europeanwho described these “fictitious” referendums as “unacceptable” because “Russia’s attempts to legitimize its brutal occupation of Ukrainian territory will never be recognized.”

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Russia also annexed autonomous republics Crimeaand then part of Ukraine, through an illegal referendum held in 2014, the results of which were not recognized by the international community.

Russian-Ukrainian War



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