Do you have to make a special gift? These Ana Boyer sandals have caused a sensation on social networks


Ana Boyer has worn the sandals that everyone wants have, the most spectacular gift these days that costs a month’s salary. Luckily, we’ve found similar sandals at Zara, a jewel-like shoe that comes in two versions, one with a heel and the other flat. If you have the perfect dress in your closet, but lack the perfect shoe, you can copy the look of Isabel Preysler’s youngest daughter for less than 50 euros. Get these sandals before they run out.

These Ana Boyer sandals are a low-cost version of Zara that have caused a sensation on social networks

The Isabel Preysler’s little daughter has inherited the style and his mother’s elegance. Ana Boyer dazzles in all her performances. It’s no wonder she’s become such a fashion icon. One of her latest posts on Instagram has allowed us to discover some spectacular sandals.

A the doors to the Christmas parties, nothing better than a series of elements that are essential and can be what makes us stand out. The accessories are as important or more important than the dresses, suits or garments that we bring with us to the celebration that is about to arrive.

Ana Boyer has worn some type of shoes jewel. Glitter is almost mandatory these days when we need to get some faithful travel companions for the holidays. As for Ana’s sandals, the price is almost a month’s salary, they cost over 1,000 euros, but we have found a very similar clone in Zara.

Zara she has jewel-like shoes that are very similar. The sparkles will light up every step of this beautiful arch reminding us of the Christmas presents we are about to receive. With a thick or thin sock, depending on the type of dress and the temperature we are facing these days, we will achieve the 10 finish we are looking for. They cost less than 50 euros and are a safe card.

Mules type version is the same or more beautiful than the previous one, with the arch, but without the heel and undercut. They are made of leather and in this case they cost 79 euros. An investment for the whole year, imitating the most festive styling of Ana Boyer.


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