Do you have Christmas dinner and don’t know what to wear?This Zara blazer is the solution


This pioneer They are one of the clothing collections of working women because they are perfect for the office. Historically, they have been associated with elegance and formality without compromising comfort.Due to these characteristics, major fashion houses usually launch several styles per season, such as suit Zara.

One of the suggestions we couldn’t stop reviewing was this tuxedo blazer with wool. Glamorous at first glance, it’s an alternative to looking masculine yet feminine.

This Zara Blazer Is Your Look’s Solution

different options

This tuxedo blazer is crafted from a wool blend for a very unique look.added to his Matching fabric tuxedo collar And long sleeves give a sober feeling. It could be ideal for business meetings.

Other details are front welt pockets, beautiful matching lining and front buttons. All this forms a suit unlike any other and can be combined with different trousers without any problems.

being black, a short skirt it also looks great This will be very interesting, especially in the fall. But aside from the way you want it to fit, make sure you choose the correct size as they come in sizes from XS to XXL.

Materials and Care

Zara works with its suppliers, employees, unions and international organisations to introduce change within the industry to reduce the fad that impacts the planet, contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals without negatively impacting its articles.

Do you have Christmas dinner and don't know what to wear?This Zara blazer is the solution

This particular product has been made Follow an audit plan and a continuous improvement plan, The result is a mix of 54% polyester, 44% wool and 2% elastane as the main fabric, which occupies the largest part.

For the secondary fabric we have 95% polyester, 5% elastane and 100% viscose for the body, while its sleeves are made of the same percentage of 95% polyester and 5% elastane, allowing you to move freely.

Zara wool tuxedo blazer price

Yes Costumes priced at 79.95 euros, depending on the type of situation that is expected to be used. Whenever you enter a formal work environment, you should view it as an investment, not an expense. You take each size from the Zara website, don’t miss it!


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