Do Bruce Arian’s “dumb” pirates have a cure?

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11/15/2021 –

TI have Tampa Bay Buccaneers leaving for a goodbye week, facing one of the worst defenses of this NFL season. Washington football teamand an attack was expected from the reigning NFL champions.

Instead, we saw a messy Tom brady and a team dominated by a weaker opponent.

Unfiltered statements

We’re a very dumb football team

Bruce Arians

Add to this the disappointing performance of the defenders Super Bowl Champions the fact that their head coach, Bruce Ariansis not known for being politically correct when it comes to unfiltered statements, and you get a gem like this:

“It has nothing to do with ability,” Aryans told “It’s about performing and a smart football team. We’re a very dumb football team. And this is reflected in the coaches. “

Ariane’s criticism of his team was not limited to intelligence, he also talked about the issue of effort.

“This is very disappointing,” said Arians. “It is very disturbing to see the energy in every workout and the lack of performance and energy it takes to win on Sunday. We have a lot of mental analysis ahead of us. “

Two losses in a row

The stupidity must go away

Bruce Arians

The Buccaneers lost for the first time this season and their own strategist has sounded the alarm, but Arians believes that the situation is fixable

“Energy and passion are very fixable,” said Arians. “Fines – sooner or later they need to be corrected. The first move of the game – they change and we jump offside. They don’t even play the game and we jump offside. Stupidity must disappear if we go anywhere. “

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