Dmitry Bivol will fight Canelo Alvarez again only for money, not revenge


MOvercoming the weight category for Canelo Alvarez was a bold move, this decision sometimes ends badly for superstars, and it didn’t work against Dmitry Bivol. in Russian light heavyweight champion defended his WBA belt dominance Mexican star. In the end, the difference was too big to ignore, and Alvarez resigned himself to his defeat, but not without leaving the door open for a rematch.

struggle Cinnamon there is always a major incentive for any other boxer, money is always good. how Mexican As the star says, they all want to get their “salary”. bivol no different as he showed before his mandatory title defense vs. Gilberto “Surdo” Ramirez. Bivol is currently 20-0 with 11 knockouts and he knows the fight ahead is going to be extremely tough.

If he wins against Ramirez, he was asked about a possible rematch with Canelo and was as honest as can be. Alvarez set to fight Gennady Golovkin 17 September in one of the most anticipated trilogy fights in recent history. But that fight with Bivol left Canelo a bit of a scar, he wants revenge.

despite bivol, who is pleased with how the first fight ended. However, any fighter will settle for the money that comes with fighting a world class superstar like Canelo Alvarez. Bivol knows this and that is why he does not refuse to fight the Mexican star again. But his reasons are very different compared to Alvarez.

Bivol does it for money

In a transparent answer, this is bivol said boxing scene: “Maybe it’s the right decision for him and the right decision for his team. They had a deal before my fight. He had a deal to fight Golovkin. It makes sense for business. For me, this is normal. I have my own path. I beat him and now I’m glad I can move forward. I don’t want this rematch with Canelo. Maybe to make money, but it’s not my main (goal) to fight him (again).

“Of course, money is one of the main things. But that’s not the point. If I only thought about money, I wouldn’t be here. I’m making the same money for this fight (with Ramirez) that I made against Cinnamon. I don’t know if there will be a rematch. As long as it doesn’t matter. i’m focused on Lefty. He is a dangerous opponent and I must defeat him. But why not! If he wants it and I want it and we can make a deal, then why not.”


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