Diversity Shows Brand Reputation Rankings for December.


The December 2022 variety show brand reputation rankings were announced by the Korea Business Research Institute.

The rankings were obtained using big data collected from November 4 to December 4 to analyze the viewing indexes, media coverage, community awareness and consumer engagement indexes of 50 well-known variety shows.

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Top 3 Varieties Reveal December Brand Reputation Rankings

With a November brand reputation index of 5,583,697, SBS’s “Running Man” series topped the list this month, with a 6.20 percent increase in its rating since November.

“BTS’ Jin”, “Yoo Jae Suk”, and “Jo Se Ho” were among the drama’s top-ranked phrases in keyword analysis, while “appearing”, “raising”, and “solving” were at the top. – sorting related terms. According to the program’s positivity and negativity measurement, 81.69 percent of the responses were positive.

“Running Man” is a South Korean variety show where hosts and guests must complete missions at key points to win the race. With a brand reputation index of 4,462,590 and a 32.43 percent improvement in its score from last month, MBC’s “How Do You Play?” moved up to second place.

With a brand reputation index of 4,436,583, “Knowing Bros” (“Ask Us Anything”) ranked third on JTBC, up 12.95 percent since November. MBC’s “Home Alone” (“I Live Alone”) and SBS’s “My Little Old Boy” took fourth and fifth places respectively in the brand reputation rankings.

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Here are the top 20 brand reputation rankings this month:

Diversity Shows Brand Reputation Rankings

“Running Man”, “How Do You Play?”, “Knowing Bros” (“Ask Us Anything”), “Home Alone” (“I Live Alone”), “My Little Old Man”, “Delicious Boys”, “I Am” Solo”, “Radio Star”, “Immortal Songs”, “2 Days & 1 Night Season 4”, “Win ​​or Nothing” (“The Strongest Baseball”), “National Singing Competition”, “The King of Mask Singer ” , “Must Try Restaurants”, “Seoul Check-in”, “Shooting Stars” (“Goal Kick”), “My Golden Boys”, “Tale Biting Day”, “Tuesday Night’s Best”, “Superman’s His return.”


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