Disqualification due to COVID in the NFL: Antonio Brown’s long history of discipline problems in the NFL


Antonio Brown hot water again with the NFL. V Tampa bay pirates wide receiver was suspended three games for violation NFL-NFLPA Covid-19 protocols.

Brown and two others, Bucs current security Mike Edwards and former Tampa Bay teammate John Franklin IIImisrepresented their vaccination status using fake vaccination cards.

This is just the last example Browndisciplinary issues in his football career that have caused him to break various collegial and professional rules over the years.

BrownThe troubles started back at the college level when he was given a scholarship to Florida International University, only to be expelled before the start of the season due to an argument with another student.

The Florida native eventually found a place to play. Central Michigan Universitywhere he flourished and was later called in 2010 Pittsburgh Steelers.

Brown’s troubles began in Pittsburgh

Although there were minor issues with Brown in their first seven seasons in Steel city including live Facebook feed from Steelers dressing room after winning the playoffs in January 2017, violation Nfl By the rules, Brown’s main problems began to surface during his last year in Pittsburgh in 2018.

Brown was sent to the bench for the final game of the regular season after engaging in a training spat with the all-star quarterback. Ben rothlisberger… These actions ultimately led to a deal Oakland Raiders in March 2019.

Never played against raiders

However, Brown would never have dressed for Silver and Black in an NFL regular season game. After several disciplinary issues during the team’s training camp, including missed training sessions and a heated argument with team general manager Mike Mayock, Brown was fined $ 215,000 and eventually freed by the Raiders before the 2019 season began.

Still considered one of the best WR in Game New England Patriots, at the insistence of the then QB Tom brady– signed Brown. But just three days after applying ink Brown to the contract, Brown’s former coach accused the player of sexual assault on three separate occasions, prompting Patriots cut Brown after just one game played.

Brown was never suspended from sexual assault allegationsbut received an eight-game ban in the summer of 2020 for arresting a truck driver of a moving company in January 2020.

Brown served an eight-game suspension and ultimately helped the Bucks win. Super Cup 55, but now his failure to comply with the league rules has led to another suspension from the game.

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