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By now, you’re no doubt familiar with Wordle, an easy-to-learn but often hard-to-win word game that went viral online some time ago.

Alternatively, you might have played a game based on Wordle but focused on a theme, like Gordle (Hockey Player) or Canada (Canuckle).

Maybe you’re wasting company time on geography-based games like Worldle or music-based games like Heardle.

No matter how you spend your lunch time (or maybe an emailed Zoom meeting), you might be interested in learning about at least one car-themed game.

This is Kadel, like other puzzle games, it gives you six guesses to determine the winning object/word/song. In this case, if it’s not obvious, the object is the car. You look at pictures showing bits and pieces of the exterior and try to piece together the make and model of the car (which doesn’t seem to make you sweat for the model year). Win or lose, you get a game every day.

Since it’s Friday and you’re probably still squatting at work, go check it out.

[Image: Screenshot]

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