Diego Matamoros dedicated his most touching post to his sister Laura


these years, Diego and Laura Matamoros They got the best relationship.Maturity brings children Kiko matamoros Their views as confidants, brothers, and friends leave behind the friction that used to make headlines.Knowing that this young woman is the love of brothers who grew up later Pregnant with her second childWell, Diego is very happy with the idea of ​​becoming an uncle again.

This will be the last vacation before Laura becomes a mother again, and the businessman does not want to miss it.They all enjoy a few days at the beach, and Diego has plenty of time between bathing and bathing. Reflect on the importance of being close to you. Some of the thoughts he expressed on social networks touched all fans, and of course his sister. She replied very gratefully: “It’s nice to have you????”.

«My family, what is really important, After all, he is still the closest confidant and provides help at important moments. I toast you and us, because no matter what happens, we will always be there, for what you have created together, for life and him.Or luckily I feel that I am a part of it! ??», he wrote two photos, one showing him and Laura showing her belly, and the other showing Benji, who has a good relationship with him.

Diego Matamoros and Laura at their best / Gtres

There is no doubt that recent events have caused the influencer to change his view of life. In addition to signing a divorce agreement with Estella Grande, this was also the summer when she ended her relationship with Estella Grande. Carla BarberAfter a very stressful year together, they decided to end a love story that made many headlines and seemed to make them very happy. However, the matter is over, and now everyone is living their own life.

A change has also been transferred abroad.Just a few days ago, Diego Matamoros’s appearance changed drastically, leaving his black hair Dyed into platinum gold.

«You will be frightened by colors and tailoring »He announced to his followers that they absolutely did not expect him to leave his unique wig and natural color. «Many people would think I lost the pot, he doesn’t like it, or I want to draw attention“He recognized it at the time. Although the fact is that he just wants to enjoy this new stage: «I seek to be satisfied with everything I doNo one stopped me, who added there, “He said and added that he no longer cares about people’s gossip,”I no longer do for those thingsI always think I shouldn’t be sensible when I don’t think 1000 times, I am mobile, I enjoy myself, I don’t think too many steps, this is another aspect of my personality that brings me a very good experience » , He concluded.

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