Did Tom Brady get plastic surgery during the Buccaneers’ inexplicable absence?


Tampa Bay Buccaneers defender Tom Brady held a press conference on Saturday after the team final NFL The pre-season game and questions about his recent inexplicable absence have resurfaced due to his deadpan expression.

Following his press Twitter NFL It was noticed that Brady looked different, and most of the users noted that it looks like he had plastic surgery.

Brady, 45, has been out of training camp for 11 days, and there are many theories for the quarterback’s absence.

Eleven days doesn’t seem like enough time to recover from the surgical procedure, but it’s possible that he got Botox injections.

Twitter Users noted that Brady’s forehead didn’t move at all when he spoke and that his speech seemed strained, both effects of Botox.

Tom Brady mentions his age

Interestingly, when asked why he left training camp for 11 days, Brady mentioned his age, stating that his reason was personal.

“It’s all personal. Everyone has different situations they face, so we all have really unique challenges,” Brady said. “I’m 45, dude. There’s a lot of shit going on.

“You just have to understand life as best you can. It’s an ongoing process.”

This isn’t the first time Brady and plastic surgery have been mentioned in the same sentence, and the topic will likely only continue as we age.

Even if Brady gets Botox, it’s unlikely to affect his shooting, so Bucks fans shouldn’t worry ahead of season opener vs. Dallas Cowboys 11 September.


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