Did Serena Williams’ Mom Really Fall Asleep During Her Retired Major Tennis Game?


ORone of the funniest jokes Serena Williams farewell to US Open was when her mother Orasen Priceseems to be asleep during the match. Live cameras showed Price sitting on a chair with her head tilted and her eyes closed for over 5 seconds. But did she really sleep?

The footage quickly went viral and people had a lot to say about it. Some interpreted this as a sign of self-confidence. Williams“Mom was at her best while others saw it as an example of how much of her daughter’s tennis she had to see.

Price, 70 and a tennis coach for most of her life, has become a favorite of tennis fans for her calm and calming demeanor. And it seems that her behavior was too calm for what it was probably her daughter’s last match Ever.

Judging by the pictures, most likely Price rested her eyes and took a quick nap. However, she was able to witness the vast majority of her daughter’s grandiose efforts despite the loss, against Ayla Tomlyanovich.


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