Did Real Madrid make the mistake of hiring Reinier for Borussia Dortmund?


REal Madrid transfer policy to find the next Neymar before it got too expensive to sign saw the Spanish giants bring Vinicius Jr., Rodrigo Goes and Rainier, but sending the latter on a two-year loan at Borussia DortmundLos Blancos may have been wrong.

Rainier signed with Los Merengues for about a fee € 30 million and in his first year in Germany played 14 matches in the Bundesliga, scoring one goal and adding one assist.

However, he saw much less football under Marco Rose in 2021/22, appearing only once this semester and only lasting eight minutes.

How can it develop?

The problem with this lack of football is that the player doesn’t learn, improve, or increase in value.

Rainier does not receive the necessary knowledge and experience, and at the age of 19 he lacks football.

He could very well play every week in La Liga Santander for a different team, and the lack of playing time has called into question the validity of the two-year credits.

Should you be surprised?

Rainier arrived as perhaps the most unknown part of the aforementioned Brazilian trio, but is it any wonder Rainier is used so rarely?

Borussia Dortmund has a fantastic reputation for developing players, but worse when the player is only on loan.

There is no appetite to stay with a player who has not taken up the case if he is only on loan.

We saw Adnan Januzaj fight for games with Dortmund, and now Rainier finds himself in the same predicament.

For now, Jadon Sancho and Erling Haaland both were given time to play regularly, although the latter was an instant hit.

However, it was in Dortmund’s best interest to develop these players, because the more they grew in market value, the more money the German club would get from selling them.

In Rainer’s case, there is no such benefit, unless he demonstrates a level higher than any other player in the club, risking the results for his development is simply pointless, especially when it will be Real Madrid, a potential Champions League rival that would have held out. benefit.

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