Dick parrot


make a real face Lee Majors D Lindsey Wagner This is the most important news in many years. Paralysis of the lower extremities can walk again. Make it real something like The six million dollar man D bionic woman this is something extraordinary. And this will be completely true when everyone who needs it can take advantage of this achievement of science and medicine.

V The six million dollar man, Lee Majors He is an astronaut and pilot who had an accident, losing his left eye, both legs and his right arm. A government agency is replacing missing limbs with six million cyber parts. Because he is stronger, faster, and has telescopic and infrared vision, he becomes a problem-solving agent.

V bionic woman, Lindsey Wagner She is a tennis player who, after falling from a parachute, gets a super-sensitive ear, an arm of immense strength, and two bionic legs with which she runs like crazy. There is also a cryogenic process in the series. That is, things that sounded like science fiction. There was also a series in the 70s, where the main thing was blood, Immortal. The blood of Ben Richards made him immortal. Immunity to any disease. The millionaire finds out and wants a transfusion. Suck his blood. Ben must run away Fugitive and, by the way, helps people.

Many years later, in the second chapter Pam and Tommy Pamela Anderson thing on Disney+, Tommy’s penis speaks to her. Another unusual thing in fiction. He moves like a Jim Henson doll and talks to his owner. It reminded me of that Word clip that helped us, but beefy. It was a clip with eyes. We were so calm seeing penises in euphoria. But the penises are doing their job. Normal. Please, please, may science never come to this. Although many men say penises, we only needed Dick parrot. Are you afraid of boobs, Rigoberta? Fear of dicks. Especially if they’re about to start a conversation. Introduce, mansplaining member too.


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