Devin Booker’s miraculous recovery? Might go back to game 6


Devin Bookerabsence after a series of injuries that were diagnosed as Hamstring strain grade 1 in the 2nd game of the first round series between his team Phoenix Sunsand New Orleans Pelicans led to this game being just 3-2 to the top team in the regular season, however there is some good news ahead of Game 6.

The original diagnosis for the aforementioned injury was that Booker was out for minimum two weeks and maximum 3 weeksHowever, following press reports, there was a real possibility that the star player would return much sooner than expected.

Booker can play a limited number of minutes

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, there is a real possibility that Booker to play Game 6 in New Orleans this Thursday, and in case he fails to do so and the streak is considered to be maximum, all indications are that he sees the action in hypothetical game 7 it will happen next Saturday.

Booker is still billed as the aforementioned “out” due to the Game 6 assignment, however this could change if the near-miraculous rehab process remains as it has been so far. Wojnarowski emphasized that according to these sources, if he plays on Thursday, he would do it with minute limit.

Words from Coach Monty Williams

“He is progressing, but there is no change (in status),” Suns coach. Monty Williams said. “Every time you have a top player, you know this guy wants to be on the court. If it had been a knockout type situation… I’m sure it would have had an effect on it.”

If Phoenix defeats New Orleans on Thursday, they will advance to the Western Conference Semifinals for the second year in a row, where they will face the series winner between Dallas Mavericks and Utah Jazz.


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